A Guide To Ships, Their Cargoes And Working Environment

Book of the month ISBN: 978-1-912333-12-7

by Capt. Bill Chalmers

For those serving at sea, professionally connected with the sea or just interested in ships for their own sake, this book provides a refreshing insight into a range of nautical subjects with something for everyone.

Born some 33 years ago of a need for shipbrokers to understand the sea-going subjects to undertake the examinations for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, this updated and expanded version, now of interest to a wider audience.

The book covers all aspects of commercial shipping in detail covering subjects such as Classification, Ship Management, Ship’s Documentation, Surveys, Pollution, Ship Operations and Finance, Bill of Lading, Marine Insurance, Shipbroking, International Tarde, Cargoes and Commodoties.

This is very comprehensive book that is essential reading to anyone contemplating a career in ship management and as such, I would very highly recommend it.


Published by:

Melrose Books
St. Thomas Place
CB7 4GG.


Hardback: 235mm x 156mm, 504pp illustrated

Price: £95


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