Andrea Doria And Other Recent Liner Diasasters

Publisher: Amberley Publications ISBN: 978-1-4456-6129-2

by William H. Miller

 Disaster at sea has been a part of maritime life for as long as man has sailed the seas. Whether it be the tragic reallife tale of the Titanic or the fictional wreck of the Hesperus, we have long been captivated and enthralled by the mysteries and perils of the ocean.

In this book, William H. Miller looks at some of the more recent disasters to have befallen the ocean liners of the world. Particular attention is paid to the Andrea Doria, which ignited fierce debate and gained international infamy as it sank in 1956 at a cost of more than fifty lives -still, today, the worst maritime disaster in American waters for over a century. Others featured include the Normandie, said to be the most magnificent Atlantic liner of all time, former Blue Riband-holder SS Rex and many others.

Utilising an extensive collection of rare images, Miller sheds light not only on the disasters themselves, but also years of faithful service prior to disaster.

Personally, I found this book rather thin in detail. Some of the disasters only warranted one paragraph. It is an extensive subject to cover but it may have been better to have split it into two volumes and provide a deeper insight into each event.


Published by:

Amberley Publications

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Paperback: 235mm x 165mm, 96 pp illustrated

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