Volume 2

by Bernard McCall

Bristol Tugs Volume 2 is a colour album which documents some of the smaller tugs that used to be seen in Bristol City docks plus some of the rarer and larger tugs that have paid only one or two visits to the port in recent years.

The first volume looked at ship-handling tugs over the past 50 years. This second volume looks at three categories of tugs.

This book is in three sections. The first covers older and smaller tugs in Bristol City Docks, the second looks at some of the larger tugs that have visited the area, often on civil engineering duties in the Bristol Channel. The construction of the new Severn road bridge during the 1990s accounted for some of these calls.

After a brief look at another company whose tugs were used for ship-handling, the book returns to some of the larger tugs in the Svitzer fleet. The book contains over 60 lavish photographs and detailed captions.


This is a very well put together book and I would very highly recommend it to any of our readers with an interest in tugs and towage.

Published by:
Coastal Shipping
400 Nore Road
BS20 8EZ
e-mail: bernard@coastalshipping.co.uk


Paperback: 156mm x 235mm, 64pp illustrated

Price: £9.95



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