by John McWilliams

British traditional working boats are famous – Morecambe Bay prawners, Manx luggers, Scots fifies and zulus, Lowestoft and Yarmouth drifters, Yorkshire cobles, Colchester smacks, Hastings beach boats, Brixham trawlers, and many others.

The sailing fishing boats of the British Isles are well documented elsewhere but this tells the story of the motor fishing boats that replaced them

Over a century ago, progressive fishermen began to install engines in their boats. Motor fishing boats have been part of our coastal scene since then. Local boatbuilders built local kinds of boat to suit each home port and its fisheries. Examples include Cornish pilchard boats and long liners, Devon crabbers and beach boats, motor bawleys and cocklers, motor drifters and seiners, and the famous ring netters of the Clyde ports. These boats have gone or are fast disappearing. This book tells their story.

This is a very well put together book and  I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in this type of vessel.



Published by:

Amberley Publications
The Hill


Paperback: 234mm x 165mm, 128 pp illustrated

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