The Changing Scene Of Merchant Shipping

Publisher: The History Press ISBN: 978-0-7524-9339-8

A Photographic Survey
by David Hucknall

The shipping industry is undergoing constant, dramatic change as a result of such factors as globalisation, technology, the demand for greater efficiency and ever-larger ships, along with important mergers and acquisitions. The major changes since the late 1990s are highlighted by the selection of unique photographs in this book.

Vessels depicted include LPG tankers, tugs, bulk carriers, yo-yos, cargo vessels, container ships, reefers and passenger ships. It includes some of the finest ports around the United Kingdom and across the world (including Hamburg and Vancouver) using a large collection of colour and black-and-white photography and supported by carefully researched captions


This is really just a book of fairly poorly reproduced photographs with a history of each ship photographed. There are over 100 photographs of container ships which, to my mind, is overkill.

I don’t think this book really makes the impression that it is intended to.

Published by:
The History Press
The Mill
Brimscombe Port

Paperback: 234mm x 156mm, 126 pp illustrated
Price: £14.99


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