M Langlands & Sons

by Nick Robins and Colin Tucker


A critical early acquisition by Alfred read’s newly-formed Coast Lines was M. Langlands & Sons. Langlands gave read the all-important access to the North Sea ports with its Liverpool to Leith and round- Britain services. it also empowered Coast Lines to run the famous summer season ‘Langlands Yachting Cruises’ to the Western isles under its own name.

Langlands’ ships were an integral part of travel in the Western Isles and also the Liverpool-Glasgow trade of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This book is a very comprehensive maritime history that has never been told of M Langlands & Sons and reveals the story of the Langlands family’s dedication to its various commercial ventures and the services it developed.

To my knowledge the history of this company has never been published before so it is a valuable edition to any maritime historian’s library.

It is extremely well researched, very well written, and backed up by some very good quality photographs. I would very highly recommend this book to our readers.



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