Coasters On Canals

Book of the month Publisher: Coastal Shipping ISBN: 978-1-902953-88-5

by Bernard McCall

Anyone visiting mainland Europe cannot fail to be impressed by the size of the canals and the quantity of commercial traffic.

There is something special about seeing a ship in a canal. Depending on the context, even a comparitively small coaster can see to be a monstre vessel when viewed from close up.

In this book the author presents to the reader vessels that have passed through with detailed information about each canal that is mentioned.

Bernard McCall’s series of ‘coffee table’ books are always good, but to my mind this one is truly excellent.

I found, as always, the detailed history of the vessels photographed to be of great interest, but this book exceeds that by giving the full details of each canal where the photographs were taken and makes the reader aware of many canals that they probably didn’t previously know about.

This is an excellent book backed up with first class photographs and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in this area.


Published by:

Coastal Shipping,


400 Nore Road,


Bristol BS20 8EZ


Hardback: 195mm x 245mm, 96pp illustrated

Price: £16.00



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