Cochrane Shipbuilders

Book of the month Publisher: Coastal Shipping ISBN: 978-1-902953-65-6

Vol 2: 1915-1939

by Gilbert Mayes and Michael Thompson

This second volume of what will be a 3-volume set looks at the beginning of the Great War to the start of World War 2 and includes details of vessels taken into Admiralty service. The book has a detailed history of each vessel built between 1915 and 1939, yard numbers 627 to 1207.

Cochrane shipyard had to cope with many problems during the period covered by this volume. Obviously there was the Great War itself and its need for troops. It also had to deal with the requirements of the Admiralty. The book provides an insight into the advances in design which trawler owners were constantly seeking in order to improve the catching ability of their fleets. In Volume 1 the Cochrane yard had to move from sail-powered vessels to steam; in this volume we see the change from steam to motor power. The reader will also note the increased number of tugs, coasters and other vessels constructed.


This is a real in depth and thorough history of this often forgotten shipbuilding company. The facts and figures are backed up by high quality photographs and I would very highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Cochranes.

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ISBN: 978-1-902953-65-6

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