Cruise Ships

Book of the month ISBN: 978-0-9547206-7-4

Fifth Edition

by William Mayes

This is the follow up to the highly successful fourth edition and contains even more information than its predecessor. The number of ships covered has been expanded to include many smaller ships, including inland and coastal ships. in fact the author has attempted to include any ship that has overnight accommodation for 30 or more passengers. Ships now employed in static roles are also featured for the first time as are ships that are engaged in other transport capacities. There is also a section on ships that are unlikely to see further service.

The result is that around 700 ships from around 300 different operators are covered by this book which must make it the most comprehensive guide to cruise ships in print. Full details of vessels that have been withdrawn from service since the previous edition are also included.

The book is accompanied by over three hundred high quality photographs, featuring a good proportion of the vessels listed.

This is an outstanding source of reference and anyone with the remotest interest in the cruise industry, should have a copy on their bookshelf. very highly recommended.


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Overview Press
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Vansittart Estate
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Hardback: 246mm x 165mm, 288pp illustrated

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