Cruise Ships

Publisher: Pen & Sword ISBN: 978-1-78159-281-6

The Small Scale Fleet

by Peter C. Smith

This book focusses on the ships that are at less than 40,000 GT, but which are often much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than their larger-scale counterparts. The elegant interiors and luxurious features on display in today’s vast fleet of cruise liners remain mainly unrecorded in all but holiday brochures. This book gives an overview of the best of these ships, the cream of the crop, so to speak.

Each colour profile includes external and interior views of the featured ship. Details of the design, building and service history of each vessel are provided with vital statistics of the ship and its facilities.

The book is a mixture of some excellent photographs and some that are not really fit for publication.


Also there are errors. For example the page on the Hebridean Princess depicts a photograph of the wrong ship, the photograph being of Lord of the Glens. It also states that the previous name of the Hebridean Princess was Columbia whereas she used to be the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Columba.

A bit more careful proof reading needing for this book.

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Pen & Sword
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