Down By The Markes

ISBN: 978-0-9572954-6-9

by Mike Gough

In the days before Health & Safety, an intrepid 13 year-old from Bridlington School was given an unbelievable opportunity. Mike Gough, embarked for three weeks on an Arctic bound Hull trawler. Inspired by this tough baptism, he joined shipping company Buries Markes Ltd. His head was full of dreams about being an officer in the Merchant Navy.

In this first book, Mike tells the story of his exciting life at sea as an apprentice deck officer, the lowest of the low on board. The dream, like him, nearly died, but eventually became a reality. The ultimate grounding in life afloat meant hours of blisteringly painful work and watch keeping. At the beck and call of all aboard, Mike and his fellow apprentices traverse the world. They experience places and people that landlubbers can only imagine.

From the Humber to the Hooghly, from the Mersey to the Mississippi, they see the world and its inhabitants. The Merchant Navy comes sharply into focus in this gripping warts and all story of life on the ocean wave.


I always enjoy these autobiographies of seamen that served in the great days of British shipping and this book is no exception. I would very highly recommend it.

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Black Tree Publishing
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Lee Smith Street
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Paperback: A5, 339 pp

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