Elements Of Navigation And Nautical Astronomy

Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson ISBN: 978-1-84927-071-7

by Himadri K. Lahiry

This is the third edition of this book and includes numerous changes and additions from previous editions.

This book brings a fresh approach to the study of navigation, and the emphasis is on the understanding of principles as well as on practical applications. It provides a comprehensive and logically arranged scheme of studies in all fields of navigation and nautical astronomy.

Various steps involving calculations and procedures have been included with worked examples, particularly using celestial bodies for the calculation of compass errors and position fixing.

A wide range of examples, using both the calculator and haversine table, have been used, particularly for sight calculations, great circle and composite circle sailing, making it ideally suited to classroom tuition as well as students working independently. For Professional Seafarers this edition provides the basic and advanced groundwork for their certificate of competencies in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy up to degree level.

The author has done a magnificent job in his research and the result is a must for anyone studying this subject. Very highly recommended.

Published by:

Brown, Son & Ferguson


426 Drumoyne Road

Glasgow G51 4DA



Hardback: 210mm x 148mm, 544pp illustrated

Price: £35



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