Ferries 2015

Book of the month ISBN: 978-1-906608-72-9

by Nick Widdows

Nick Widdows has been producing the definitive guide to European ferries since the 1980s and the format of the annual guide has evolved into a very well produced book.

The latest version of the British Isles and Northern Europe edition is no exception. This is a comprehensive guide to all ferries operating around the British Isles and to major routes in the remainder of Northern Europe.

Full details of each ferry operator are given, including management details and contact details and the company’s website. In addition, all routes operated by each company are listed together with the crossing times and the ships operating each route. This is followed by a tabular list of each company’s fleet which includes year of build, gross tonnage, overall length, speed, car and passenger capacity, vehicle access, flag and IMO number. Nick Widdows then goes on to include a full history of each vessel, quoting builders, previous names, previous routes and other items of interest. This must be the only publication to include such comprehensive details of almost every ferry operating in this region.

The text is accompanied by many colour photographs of the usual extremely high quality.


I would very highly recommend this publication to our readers.

Published by:

Ferry Publications
PO Box 33
Isle of Man
IM99 4LP


Paperback: 210mm x 148mm, 223 pp illustrated
Price: £18.50


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