The First World War At Sea In Photographs – 1915

Book of the month Publisher: Amberley Publications ISBN: 978-1-4456-3986-4

by Phil Carradick

Submarines and blockades dominated the war at sea in 1915. The major event was the sinking by U-20 of the Lusitania, which edged America closer to war. The Germans had announced a blockade of Britain in February A British blockade of Germany was announced in March in retaliation. Using its surface fleet to stop neutral vessels, the British attempt was more successful.

Surface ship engagements would be fought by battlecruisers at the Battle of the Dogger Bank, and by cruisers off the coast of Chile as the German warship Dresden was sunk in the Pacific. On the east coast of Africa, the raider Konigsberg was sunk in the war’s first instance of sea-air co-operation.

Attempts to bully Turkey into surrendering saw numerous Allied warships sunk off the Dardanelles. At the same time Allied shipping was being used to evacuate the Serbian army from the coast of Albania, the biggest seaborne evacuation that there had ever been until Dunkirk.

This is an excellent book backed up with some amazing photographs and I would highly recommend it to our readers.


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ISBN: 978-1-4456-3986-4

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