From Cadet To Commodore

ISBN: 978-1-909238-42-8

The End of a Seagoing Era

by Robert Royan

In 1946 at the age of sixteen, Robert Royan left the training ship HMS Conway to begin his career in the Merchant Navy. He immediately joined the Clan Line which he was to serve, along with its successors for his whole career. For the next forty-four years Robert’s life at sea took him to every major port in the world.

In 1970 Robert Royan was promoted Master of the MV Nina Bowater and he sailed on many ships in this capacity before being promoted Commodore in 1988.

He retired on 2nd of January 1990. In his autobiography, Robert Royan records a life at sea which was very different to that experienced today. It was a time when British ships proudly flew the red ensign and shipping lines employed British crews. Crew members very often were at sea for over a year before returning to their families when the ship reached home port. Consequently there was a sense of pride and community among the mariners which is not so evident today. The advent of Flags of Convenience and foreign crews, who were cheaper to employ, spelt the end of an era in British shipping.

This is a well written book and I would highly recommend it.


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