Glenlee and Glenlee Life at Sea Under Sail

ISBN: 978-0-9569115-0-6

by Elizabeth Allen

These two booklets are produced by ‘The Tall Ship at Riverside’ who are part of the Clyde Maritime Trust who own the barque Glenlee which was built at the Bay Yard in Port Glasgow in 1896.

She is a three masted barque, with length 245 feet, beam 37.5 feet, depth 22.5 feet and air draft 137′ 6″.

The Glenlee first took to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896. She circumnavigated the globe four times before being bought by the Spanish Navy in 1922 and turned into a sail training vessel.

The ship was modified and served in that role until 1969. She then operated as a training school until 1981 when she was laid up in Seville Harbour and largely forgotten.

A British naval architect saw her in Seville in 1990 and two years later, the Clyde Maritime Trust succeeded in buying her.


These are both lovely booklets celebrating this great ship and I would very highly recommend them.


Published by:

The Tall Ship at Riverside,
150 Pointhouse Place
G3 8RS
Tel: 0141 357 3699


Hardback: 240mm x 169 mm, 33 pp & 31 pp illustrated

Price: £4 each



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