Great Passenger Ships 1930-1940

Publisher: The History Press ISBN: 978-0-7509-6309-1

by William H. Miller

The 1930s was perhaps the most glamorous and exciting decade for the great liners, highlighted by ferocious international shipbuilding rivalry, such as Germany’s Bremen and Europa, Italy’s Rex and Conte di Savoia, France’s Normandie and Britain’s Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

Passengers travelled on some of the most popular liners of all time such as L’Atlantique, Empress of Britain, Empress of Japan, Queen of Bermuda, President Coolidge, Strathnavar and Strathaird, Orion, Capetown Castle, Oranje, Mauretania, Andes and many more.

Despite the worldwide depression and a great shift in trading patterns, it was a wonderful decade for shipbuilding and the era of art deco on the high seas – the age of the ‘floating Ginger Rogers’.

Of all the decades in the history of the ocean liner this is probably the era that saw the most spectacular ships that will always be remembered.


This is a lovely coffee table type book containing some wonderful photographs of the great liners of this era. I would highly recommend this book to our readers.

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The History Press
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