Guide To The Crew Of The Titanic

Book of the month Publisher: The History Press ISBN: 978-0-750968-45-4

The Structure and Working Aboard the Legendary Liner

by Günter Bäbler

Years of painstaking research by Titanic expert Günter Bäbler has resulted in this guide to the crew of the Titanic. He decodes all the jobs, including the complex structure of the engineering staff and explains the often obscure reporting structure of the crew.

He solves many mysteries, from night-watchmen that do not appear as such in the muster lists to boot stewards who did not shine shoes.

He even went so far as to adopt for a week the rest/watch pattern of a fourth officer. As a result his reactions were much slower than usual. He concluded that fatigue would have played a more significant part than hitherto believed in the crew’s reaction to the disaster.

The book names all 900 crew members, their actual work on board and the department to which they were assigned, their age, where they were from and who survived or perished.

The author has done a magnificent job in his research and the result is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in the Titanic. Very highly recommended.

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The History Press,

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Hardback: 235mm x 150mm, 96pp illustrated

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