Looking Back at Container Ships

Book of the month Publisher: Coastal Shipping ISBN: 978-1-902953-87-8

by Andrew Wiltshire

After six successful books in his ‘Looking Back’ series, Andrew Wiltshire has published his seventh album dedicated to container ships.

In this latest addition, the author takes a fifty year journey exploring container ships from around the world.

He explains and illustrates how these ships have changed the face of woorldwide shipping and global trade today and the consortia formed to operate them.

This book takes a chronological look at container ships from the early conversions through to the giants that have entered service in the last few years.

Andrew Wiltshire’s books never disappoint and this is no exception.

The quality of the photographs is first class and full details of every ship illustrated are provided, together with a complete history of each vessel. The book really shows how the design of container ships has changed over the past fifty years.


This is an outstanding book and I would very highly recommend it.


Published by:

Coastal Shipping
400 Nore Road
BS20 8EZ


Hardback: 195mm x 245mm, 96pp illustrated

Price: £16.00


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