An Illustrated Biography

by J. Kent Layton

2015 marks the centenary of the Lusitania’s sinking and there are many books being published about her. However this one is exceptional.

it is now over 100 years since the Lusitania made her maiden crossing of the North atlantic. For seven and a half years, she crossed that rugged ocean with punctuality and dependability. She fast became a living legend, the ship of choice for many of the transatlantic travellers. Since her sinking on 7th May 1915, however, her wondrous career and technological marvels have largely been neglected. instead, the focus has shifted to her political importance, and on numerous conspiracy theories about her last voyage and sinking.

This illustrated biography of the Lusitania discusses her entire story, from her conception and birth on the Clyde to her career and, finally, her tragic demise off the coast of Ireland.

Lusitania is mainly rembered for her controversial sinking and the political aftermath, but this book relives the entire life of the liner together with technical design features and new plans of the ship.


This is really an excellent book and for anyone with an interest in this subject it is a must to have in your library. i would very highly recommend it.

Published by:
Amberley Publications
The Hill


Hardback: 248mm x 172mm, 440 pp illustrated

Price: £40



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