From Torpedo Boat to Spacecraft

by Daniel L. Williams

For its size and population, the Isle of Wight can claim more in terms of industrial innovation and invention than anywhere of the same size.

Made on the Isle of Wight is a pictorial celebration of the immense contribution to the aviation, automotive and marine industries that this tiny island has given, from the first hovercraft to boats that held the world water speed record and even the only all-British rocket and satellite into space.

With a focus on invention, innovation and record-breaking, local author David L. Williams explores the many products of the island’s industry, along with designers and engineers, and the workforce that created these fascinating inventions.

It is quite staggering to learn that the island has produced 17 torpedo boats, 106 destroyers and frigates, 2,250+ fixed wing aircraft, 1,200+ lifeboats and 42 space rockets. It has also seen the production of hundreds of other vessels, including Cockleshell canoes and ‘Goatleys’.


This is a very well put together book backed up by some excellent photographs. Although it covers planes and spaccraft, ships are the main feature and I would very highly recommend it to our readers.

Published by:
The History Press
The Mill
Brimscombe Port

ISBN: 978-0-75096-754-9

Paperback: 235 x 156mm 220 pages, illustrated

Price: £20



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