by Tom Chaplin

The traditional cargo-carrying narrowboat, recently voted one of the 100 icons of England, emerged with the construction of the narrow canal network and lasted in until 1970 when the last regular long-distance contract was lost. Up until then, working boat families lived aboard according to their own culture and work ethic. Narrow Boats explores this, explains why their way of life persisted for so long, and looks at why and how it has changed.

The vessels evolved as the horse gave way to steam and diesel power and boatyards developed the skills to build beautiful boats, decorated with roses, castles, scrolls and geometric designs that brought colour and vibrancy to the waterways. Since their demise, a new generation of craft has emerged purely for leisure and residential use. This book, by technical consultant Tom Chaplin, reflects on the origin and purpose of the traditions that many of these attempt to replicate.

This book is part of the Britain’s Heritage Series, which provides definitive introductions to the riches of Britain’s past.

It is a beautifully put together book with excellent colour photos and I would very highly recommend it.



Published by:

Amberley Publications
The Hill


Paperback: 234mm x 165mm, 64 pp illustrated

Price: £8.99



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