Navigation Advanced Mates/Masters

ISBN: 978-1-85609-627-0

by Captain Nadeem Anwar

This book is aimed at today’s navigator, where there is the increased workload on the watch keeper demands there to be clear methods of working and concise instructions.

The methods of working that are used in this book are not just easy to follow for learning and college work but can also be used onboard as well.

There are a number of worked examples and plots for working that will allow the navigator to gain the navigation skills that are required.

The book is aimed at Masters and Senior Navigation officers although it will be of benefit to Junior Ships officers as well.

This book can be purchased directly from or as a downloadable eBook (


This is an excellent book and an essential companion for anyone studying this subject.

I would highly recommend it to all of our prospective Mates and Masters who are striving to reach the top of their profession.

Published by:

Witherby Seamanship International
4 Dunlop Square
EH54 8SB


Hardback: 277mm x 214mm, 386pp illustrated


Price: £50


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