Ninety Seconds At Zeebrugge

Book of the month Publisher: The History Press ISBN: 978-0-75098-581-9

The Herald of Free Enterprise Story

by Iain Yardley

The Herald of Free Enterprise car ferry set sail on a routine voyage to Dover in March 1987, carrying hundreds of passengers, including British army personnel, day-trippers and truck drivers. Minutes after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge, the ferry began to capsize.

Terrified passengers were separated from loved ones in a seething mass of humanity, in freezing cold water and had to fight for their lives. This is the minute-by-minute account of those who lived through the disaster, from the event to rescue, reunion and repatriation. The Belgian people are also remembered for the care and comfort they gave to the bewildered and grief-stricken survivors. Including plans, photographs and records considering how this disaster impacted ferry operating procedures forever. Many survivors, relatives and rescue workers have contributed to make this a fitting tribute to all involved from that night to the present day.

This is a very well researched book which gives a comprehensive view of the disaster and  I would very highly recommend it.



Published by:

The History Press
The Mill
Brimscombe Port




Paperback: 234mm x 156m, 272 pages, illustrated

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