Operation Pedestal

Operation Pedestal

Book of the month ISBN: 978-1-907730-19-1

The Story of Convoy WS21S in August 1942

by Brian James Crabb

This book reveals the true story of Operation ‘Pedestal’, the convoy to relieve the desperate plight of Malta in August 1942. Thirteen modern cargo ships and the new American oil tanker Ohio were selected for their speed, size and reliability, protected by a large escort of Royal Navy warships. But on only the second day after their entry into the Mediterranean, the aircraft carrier Eagle was sunk, followed by crippling damage to Indomitable from the air the following day.

However, Port Chalmers, Rochester Castle and Melbourne Star reached Malta on 13 August. The following day, a damaged Brisbane Star was also nursed into harbour. But the best news of all was the arrival of the crippled oil tanker, Ohio, on the 15th. She had been bombed to a standstill, but was kept afloat by the Royal Navy and towed to Valletta, against all odds. Her voyage is legendary.

The book tells a gripping, heroic story, accompanied by a generous selection of photographs and a host of technical detail.


This is an outstanding book about this famous convoy, accompanied by some incredible photographs. I would very highly recommend it to our readers.

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ISBN: 978-1-907730-19-1

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