A Bicentennial Look Back
by Phil Carradice and Roger MacCallum

In 2014 Pembroke Dock celebrates 200 years since its founding, when a Royal Dockyard, the only one ever to exist in Wales, was established here on the banks of Milford Haven. The dockyard was the reason for the rapid development of the town, with people from rural Pembrokeshire and from all around Britain moving to the area to work in the dockyard and the industries that serviced it. The closure of the dockyard in 1926 was a severe blow, and many families moved from the area to other dockyard towns. A new use was found for the dockyard and in the 1930s the RAF took over much of the old yard. Pembroke Dock was above all a military town, since, in addition to the RAF base, there were Army garrisons at Llanion, Defensible and Pennar Barracks.

Pembroke Dock, 1814- 2014, A Bicentennial Look Back presents readers with a series of photographs and old prints, illustrating the development of the town from the first half of the nineteenth century to the present day.


This is a well written book backed up by some excellent photographs and I highly recommend it.

Published by:
Amberley Publications
The Hill



Paperback: 235mm x 165mm, 96 pp illustrated
Price: £14.99


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