Post War On The Liners

ISBN: 978-0-78155-359-6

By William H. Miller

The period from the end of the Second World War to the late 1960s marked a golden era for the traditional port-to-port class divided passenger ship business.

On the liners, everyone was catered for from passengers such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who required suites of luxurious rooms with space to unpack over a hundred pieces of luggage, to penniless migrants carrying nothing more than an overnight bag, for whom a berth in a fifty-bed dormitory was all that was needed.

Post-War on the Liners examines, through fascinating anecdotes and detailed research, the many passenger ship services of this bygone era, recapturing the charm, practicality, and importance of post-war sea travel. From the magnificent Cunarders, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, Italian Line’s Augustus, Union-Castle’s Bloemfontein Castle, P&O’s Oronsay, and Shaw Savill’s Southern Cross, to the lesser known Fyffes Line’s Golfito, Royal Mail’s Amazon, Sitmar Line’s Fairsea, and NYK Line’s Hikawa Maru, this book reveals the unique qualities of individual ships and why they were so often regarded with affection by the men and women who travelled and served on them.

This is a nice book with some good photos on a subject that has been covered many times. I would recommend it to our readers.


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Paperback: 225mm x 248mm, 96 pp illustrated


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