Put Not Your Trust In Princes

Book of the month ISBN: 978-1-902964-26-3

From Bannockburn to Burdekin, by Sea

by Denis Gallagher

This is a book about the sea, and those who sailed in a word of seafarers and shipping that has much changed. It is written by a man who did it all, from a deck apprentice to a shipowner.

The Liverpool shipping company of Alfred Holts, more affectionately known as Blue Funnel or ‘The China’, was once the largest general cargo shipping line in the world. Holts believed in nurturing the business and its greatest assets, their employees, from within. It was a family affair in every sense.

They took in young men from all over Britain who thought they were made of the right stuff to become seafarers.

This new publication offers a new insight into the famous Blue Funnel shipping company of Liverpool. How they recruited and trained their personnel and what life was like on ocean voyages.


However most importantly, it for the first time forensically examines the demise of this company and apportions blame to the so called “Princes”.

This is an excellent book about the fall of this famous company and I would very highly recommend it.

Published by:
Avid Publications
New Road


Paperback: 238mm x 160mm, 334 pp


Price: £16.95


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