Rochester To Richmond

Publisher: Fonthill Media ISBN: 978-1-78155-620-7

A Thames Estuary Sailor’s View

by Nick Ardley

This book is a reflective journey between Rochester and London, a path once of commerce, but now pleasure. Rochester was of immense importance to Britain’s past trading richness too.

The belching chimneys pouring acrid fumes and cement dust have evaporated. Oil refineries have slipped away, but wharves lining the banks remain alive. As a distraction, he wanders a little above Rochester and then again, a little above the Pool of London towards Richmond. Between, he lands amongst the marsh and mud, finding graves and farmsteads enveloped in purslane and lavender.

Many towns sailed past were part of this heritage, supplying building materials and food carried by the tan-sailed barge to London. Ardley dips and dabbles into these communities and explores how they have transformed.

In prose he meanders like the rivers and creeks he sails on. The author tracks Britain’s industrial heritage and its relationship with its many waterways.

This is well put together book backed up with good photographs and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in this area.


Fonthill Media

Stroud House


Russell Street




Paperback: 248mm x 172mm

270 pp illustrated

Price: £18.99



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