Ships That Came to The Pool of London

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From the Roman Galley to HMS Belfast

by Nick Robins

The Pool of London has long been a busy place. It has been the focus of sea-borne trade with the city since the Roman galleys first arrived with exotic cargoes. After the Industrial Revolution the sailing packets were followed by wooden-hulled paddle steamships in the coasting trades, while the deep sea fleets still relied on both sail and steam. Imposing warehouses were constructed to store goods safe from the weather and several survive to this day. The Pool developed an important connection with Northern Europe and the near Continent as ships travelling further afield became larger and migrated to the new dock systems. Barges cluttered up the riverside wharves delivering and collecting goods from up and down river.

This is the story of the ships that came to the Pool and the development of London as a port and an international commercial centre.

The book is extremely well researched and contains a tremendous amount of useful and interesting information backed up with some excellent historical photographs.

I would very highly recommend it.



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