by Sam E Warwick and Mike Roussel


This fascinating book provides a unique record of the careers and final underwater resting places of ships of the Cunard Line, whose rich history spans over 300 ships and nearly two centuries. Many books have been published on Cunard’s heritage but the final fate of these ships is often little more than a footnote of history. Authors Sam Warwick and Mike Roussel have taken the shipwrecks as a starting point to create a vivid new history. Featured vessels include the well-known Caronia, Lancastria, Campania, Lusitania, Malta, Oregon, Scotia and Carpathia, famous for rescuing the survivors from the Titanic, as well as many others. Events surrounding the wrecking of each vessel are thoroughly explored and unique diver accounts are incorporated, along with never-before-seen underwater images of the wrecks.

It finishes off with practical data for interested divers. This book offers a fresh analysis of Cunard’s maritime history.

This is very well put together book with comprehensive details of all of Cunard’s shipwrecks and I would very highly recommend it.


Published by:

The History Press,

The Mill, Brimscombe Port,



Gloucestershire GL5 2QG


Paperback: 224mm x 246mm

168 pages, illustrated

Price: £20



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