Tourist Third Cabin

by Lorraine Coons and Alexander Varias

‘Tourist Third Cabin’ offers a window into a bygone era in which modern steamships like the Queen Mary, the Normandie, and the Olympic transported new breeds of tourists between Europe and North America, and dazzled them with their technological marvels and palatial interiors.

The interwar period saw the birth of mass transatlantic tourism as women, students, and ordinary people took to the seas in search of education, fun, and freedom. It was also a period of tumultuous social and cultural change.

The book offer an intimate glimpse of the microcosm of the changing world that was the luxury liner. From crew members to passengers, ship decor to technological innovation, through labour unrest and political upheaval, we see the social world and the business of travel at the dawn of the modern age.

The book looks at the cabins, the crew quarters, the luxurious public rooms, and the design studios of the Queen Mary and Normandie. The variations between classes is also covered in depth.


This is an interesting read looking at, not just the ships, but the social history of the interwar era. I would recommended it to our readers.

Published by:
Amberley Publications
The Hill


Paperback: 198mm x 124mm, 336 pp illustrated

Price: £9.99



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