Stranded And Wrecked Sailing Ships On The Durban Coast 1850-1900

ISBN: 978-1-521577-03-5

by Michael de Villiers

Sailing ships were the lifeline between Durban and the rest of the world during its early years. Its very survival and growth depended on the import and export of everything and anything. Each arrival and departure was a momentous occasion

Each shipwreck was a calamitous disaster comparable with a modern commercial jetliner crash. The book is a historically researched account, of the cause and effect of these events as revealed by maritime courts at the time and reported in the press.

The weather played a large part. The reports are fascinatingly full of detail about a simple, but difficult and labour intensive life. Imagine rowing out of harbour in a life boat to rescue people from a wrecked ship in a wild and dangerous sea.

Transport was slow and housing was basic by the standards prevailing in Europe at the time. There was also the harbour problem, crossing the shifting bar was hazardous.

This is a very well researched book which will prove of great value to anyone with an interest in the shipwrecks of this are. I would very highly recommend it to such readers.



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