The Aberdeen Line

Book of the month Publisher: The History Press ISBN: 978-0-750978-51-4

George Thompson Jnr’s Incomparable Shipping Enterprise

by Peter H. King

Founded in 1825 by the 21-year-old George Thompson Jnr, the Aberdeen Line developed over 100 years into one of the best-respected shipping lines in Britain. Initially engaged in the UK coastal, Baltic, North American, South American, China and Antipodean trade routes, before settling to become the longest-serving line on the Australian trade via the Cape, the name of Thompson’s Aberdeen was synonymous with the highest professional standards, with such jewels as the clipper Thermopylae and their first steamer, SS Aberdeen. The Aberdeen name navigated commercial takeovers by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Shaw Savill and Albion, Lord Kylsant’s Royal Mail Group and Furness Withy, before becoming all but forgotten when it finally furled its sails in 1957.

The author has done a magnificent job in his research and the result is an outstanding book backed up with excellent high quality photographs and other graphics, particularly the accurate colour drawings of the Line’s vessels. I would very highly recommend this book to our readers.

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