Photographs from the Archives of the World’s only Hovercraft Museum

by Jim Gray

Lee-on-the-Solent is synonymous with planes and seaplanes, but it is also the home of another, more unusual vehicle – the hovercraft.

After the first cross-channel crossing by a hovercraft in 1959, there was a revolution in design and development. Within a decade, the mighty SRN4, capable of carrying 400 passengers and 60 cars across the English Channel in less than forty minutes, had arrived. As the commercial hovercraft thrived, the military also continued to innovate; the British lnterservice Hovercraft (Trials) Unit (IHTU) being established in 1961. Utilising the archive of the world’s only hovercraft museum, based in Lee-on-the Solent and boasting more than seventy historic craft, Jim Gray uses a wealth of rare and unpublished images to explore the importance and impact of the hovercraft, offering a fascinating glimpse into a vehicle that has captivated the imagination of the public for more than fifty years.

This is a great collection of photograhs of a subject rarely covered, and I would very highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in these craft.

Published by:

Amberley Publications,


The Hill, Merrywalks, Stroud, Glos. GL5 4EP


Paperback: 234mm x 165mm, 96 pp illustrated

Price: £14.99



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