Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast

by Roy Stokes

There have been millions of shipwrecks, but just a few have been remembered. A ship can disappear suddenly without a trace, or a loss may involve a fascinating web of intrigue and drama.

Ships and shipwrecks have been at the vanguard of man’s development. Their loss has played an important role in the march of civilisation, but despite centuries of advancements in construction technology and maritime regulation, ships still wreck for many of the same reasons.

This book examines some of the historic shipwrecks off the Irish coast. The book considers Ireland’s previously little- understood role in the naval battle with Germany during the First World War. Many other historic wrecks are also explored, including the paddle steamer Queen Victoria, which, discovered by the author in 1983, became the first historic shipwreck to be protected under new legislation.

‘Between the Tides’ exhibits an extensive volume of research, which supports a number of detailed accounts of historic shipwreck events that have occurred around the coast of Ireland.


This is a good book and I would recommend it to our readers.

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Amberley Publications
The Hill,


Paperback: 234mm x 1568mm, 272pp illustrated


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