by Dominic and Bernard McCall

Many people are interested in ships generally and many are interested in specific types of ships such as warships or cruise vessels. Tugs, too, have an enthusiastic following and many modellers are also keen on these vessels.

In this fascinating book, the authors have taken the unusual decision to present a set of images mainly in portrait format, rather than the landscape format of most pictorial albums, as it seemed that tugs in particular lend themselves to this format for aesthetic reasons. Not all towage involves shiphandling. Tugs are used for other towage tasks involving barges and cranes and other floating equipment. They are also used to support a wide range of civil engineering projects. The photographs in this book give a very good coverage to all types of tugs. The captions provide a detailed history of each tug and show that the towage industry has seen constant takeovers and mergers amongst the owning companies.


This is an excellent book backed up with some high quality colour photos of these fascinating and often unsung vessels and I would very highly recommend it to our readers.

Published by Coastal Shipping:

400 Nore Road
BS20 8EZ
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Hardback: A4
96 pp illustrated
Price: £19.50


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