The Ship in Rare Illustrations

by J. Kent Layton and Tad Fitch

The latest title in The History Press’s popular series on classic twentieth-century ocean liners, Unseen Aquitonia is an evocative and exciting collection of rare and unusual images of the vessel known as ‘the ship beautiful’.

One of the longest-serving passenger liners of the twentieth century, Aquitania was launched in 1914 and pressed into service during both world wars. What distinguishes Aquitania from most of her contemporaries is the succes that she enjoyed over such a long period.

SadIy, this came to and end when she was scrapped in 1950.

This new book displays a wealth of images from over the decades, including passengers at rest and play on deck, her sumptuous interiors and photographs showing her construction and visits to ports around the world. The images in this book give us an insightinto the life and times of this remarkable ship. The photographs are all of a very high quality and will be enjoyed by readers.


I would very highly recommend this book to our readers.

Published by:

The History Press
The Mill
Brimscombe Port


Hardback: 252mm x 252mm 178 pages, illustrated

Price: £25



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