Almost the enitire fleet of Clyde Marine in dock at their home port of Greenock on Sunday 21st July 2019. From left to right are the passenger vessel Clyde Clipper, the tugs Bruiser, Battler and Biter. Behind Biter is the veteran passenger ship Rover then to her right is the passenger vessel Chieftain. Berthed on the otherside of the dock is the passenger vessel Cruiser. The 125gt Clyde Clipper was built in 2009 by Abels Shipyard at Bristol. The 50gt Bruiser was built in 2007 by Tczew Shipyard in Poland under contract from Damen. The 50gt Battler was built in 2004 by Brodotehnika of Belgrade under contract from Damen. The 41gt Biter was built in 1982 as the Salud, being renamed Haki in 1982. She joined Clyde Marine in 2001.The 48gt Rover was built in 1964 by Hugh MacLean & Sons at Renfrew. The 60gt Chieftain was built in 2007 by the Voyager Boatyard at Millbrook, Cornwall as the Seabus, becoming Chieftain in 2014. The 119gt Cruiser was built in 1974 by James & Stone at Brightlingsea as the Southsea Queen for Gosport Ferry Company. In 1978 she became Hythe Hotspur of White Horse Ferries then in 1995 she joined Brownsea Island Ferries without changing her name. In 1997 she was sold to Blue Funnel Cruises and renamed Poole Scene. She joined Clyde Marine Services as Cruiser in 1999. Photo: Nigel Lawrence

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