1940: Ashcrest and Suncrest

 SS Ashcrest

S1511-28 Zrinski
The 5,645grt Ashcrest was built in 1920 by Northumberland Shipbuilding at Howdon-on-Tyne as the Erle for Arentz Rederi A/S of Oslo, having been launched as War Chateau. In 1927 she moved to Jugoslavensko Amerikaniska Plovidba ad of Split and was renamed Zrinski (as seen above) before joining Crest Shipping in 1940. On 8th December 1940 she was torpedoed by U-140 off Ireland while on a voyage from Philadelphia to the Tees with a cargo of steel. Her entire crew of 45 were lost.

Crest Shipping Company arranged for me to sail as Second officer for a short trip on one of their outside managed vessels, the SS Ashcrest, which had arrived in Cardiff with a cargo of iron ore. Watts, Watts were managing this vessel (another Yugoslav gift to the war effort) and she was to have the bridge work armour-plated in dry dock. The Master immediately endeared himself to me by saying that he and the Chief officer were going on leave.

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