The following are letters to the Editor published in the November 2014 issue.

From: Alan Dean, Wirral

I saw the letter from Malcolm Cranfield in the July edition concerning Daru/Yoma and what Malcolm stated is correct, however she actually did five voyages to Burma under the name Yoma, viz:

sailed Glasgow 26.11.65  –  arrived Glasgow 10.3.66
sailed Glasgow 18.3.66  –  arrived Glasgow 22.6.66
sailed Glasgow 12.7.66  –  arrived Liverpool 12.11.66
sailed Liverpool 24.11.66  –  arrived Glasgow 2.3.67
sailed Glasgow 8.3.67  –  arrived Liverpool 27.5.67

She then reverted to her original name of Daru and was transferred to the Guinea Gulf Line in 1967.

The ‘Elder Dempster History 1852-1985’ states that she was renamed Yoma in November 1965 with the intention of being placed on the UK-Burma service, but the voyage was cancelled. As you can see from above, which is verified by Lloyds, the comment was incorrect, and was one of many errors contained in that publication.


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