The 4,722grt Soviet liner Mikhail Kalinin and the 15,833grt cruise ship Daphne at Tilbury on 5th October 1976. Photo: Don Smith/

The Mikhail Kalinin was built in 1958 by Mathias-Thesen at Wismar. On 6th November 1994 she arrived at Alang to be broken up. The Daphne was built in 1955 by Swan, Hunter at Wallsend as the Port Sydney for Port Line. In 1972, together with her sister Port Melbourne, were sold to John Karras to be converted into the car ferries Akrotiri Express and Therissos Express. However, the plans changed and they were converted into cruise ships, the Port Sydney becoming the Daphne.


She entered service in July 1975 operated by Delian Cruises. She then sailed for Lauro Lines between 1978-1979. She was then chartered to Costa who bought her outright in 1984. In 1990 she was transferred to Prestige Cruises, a joint venture between Costa Lines and Sovcomflot, who later pulled out of the agreement, and she returned to Costa. In 1996, for delivery in 1997, Daphne was sold to Leisure Cruises who renamed her Switzerland. This company was largely owned by Swissair, who went bankrupt in 2001. Switzerland was sold soon afterwards to Majestic International Cruises who renamed her as the Ocean Monarch after a possible period as Ocean Odyssey.

In 2008 she became Princess Daphne of Classic International Cruises. Following that company’s demise she was sold for scrap, arriving at Alang under the name of Daphne in May 2014.


Photo: Don Smith/


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