A busy day at Oban in September 1969. Docked alongside each other are David MacBrayne’e Lochnevis and Claymore. The 568grt Lochnevis was built in 1934 by Wm. Denny & Bros. at Dumbarton. She was broken up by Handelsonderneming & Bergungsbedrijf at Wormer in May 1974. The 1,021grt Claymore was built in 1955 by Wm. Denny & Bros. at Dumbarton. In April 1976, she was sold to Canopus Shipping of Piraeus, and left Scotland on 10th May, as City of Andros. After rebuilding in Greece, her name was changed again, to City of Hydra. She was withdrawn in February 1993 and laid up at Eleusis Bay. On 24th November 2000, she sank at her moorings and was subsequently scrapped. In the background is the famous 791grt King George V which was built in 1926 by Wm. Denny & Bros. at Dumbarton. She was withdrawn from service in 1974. Several attempts were made to preserve her as a floating pub or restaurant, but all failed. King George V was burnt out at Cardiff docks on 25th August 1981 and she was broken up by Dean & Sons at Briton Ferry in 1982.

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