Ice Salvage in Scoresbysundfjorden

The Nungu Ittuk and the trapped Betty Teresa.
The Nungu Ittuk and the trapped Betty Teresa.

In July 1988, Nungu Ittuk departed from “Grønlandshavnen” in Aalborg to Scoresbysund in East Greenland. The ship was completely loaded with supplies for towns and villages on the east coast of Greenland. On this voyage we had the helicopter on board to fly isrecco (ice observations).


Nungu Ittuk was built above the Finnish-Swedish Ice class notations 1A Super, and it also had a helicopter deck mounted aft of the super structure. On the voyages north of Tasilaq we usually brought a small helicopter, pilot and mechanic. We also brought a little tug and barge for discharging at these destinations.

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