A major Switzerland based shipowner

Part Two

During 1968 and 1969 an odd mixture of ship sizes and ages joined the Tuillier fleet as listed below:
Tuillier Name
Former Name
Former Owner
Year Sold/New Name
ALACRITY 1959 9,171 World Felicia Niarchos 1981: Anemodea Idle from 1983 as Radha scrapped 1986 as Fortune I
ROBERTINA 1944 7,359

White Daisy

built as Empire Lord

F Italo Croce   Beached on 15th June 1970 on voyage from Takoradi to Burntisland
LOCARNO 1956 3,403 Helmwood France, Fenwick

1975: Paula II (Tuillier)

1977: Smile (Nello Patella, Venice)

Scrapped Italy January 1979
SEBASTIANO 1955 6,616 Deerwood France, Fenwick

1976: Morcote (Tuillier)

1977: Feni (Nello Patella,Venice) as Sirlad

(manager: Seatrader, S.A., Lugano)

Explosion off Algiers Jan 1982. Scrapped at Sveti Kajo
ROZELBAY 1948 3,829


built as Peter Jebsen

SG Embiricos Scrapped Italy April 1973  
NATALE 1963 9,707 Hopepeak Hopemount 1981: Pegasus Scrapped Xingang May 1985

ALACRITY arriving at Liverpool on 23rd April 1978

LOCARNO at Cardiff on 14th April 1971 – John Wiltshire


NATALE sailing from Cape Town in 1979 – Ian Shiffman

ROBERTINA arriving at Rotterdam in April 1970 – Koos Riedijk

ROZEL BAY arriving at Durban in September 1971 – Trevor Jones

SAN SALVADOR at Wellington on 15th September 1972

SEBASTIANO anchored off Apapa/Lagos on 4th January 1976

In 1969 two new Companies named World Shipping S.A. and Borromini Società Commerciale e Finanziaria S.A. were created in Lugano and Sebastiano’s two sons entered the business. World Shipping S.A. also had an address in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, under the name Internautical Service Establishment, it is thought for tax reasons. The name Borromini presumably derives from Francesco Borromini, the 17th-century Baroque architect. An office was also opened in London, in Ludgate House, Fleet Street, under the name of Transtrade Shipping Limited. Previously Purvis Shipping had acted as London agents.

1969 was also the year when Tuillier acquired their first tankers, ten year old sisterships named WORLD PEGASUS and WORLD PROVINCIAL, built as NAESS FALCON and NAESS TERN, which had been operated since 1964 by Y.K.Pao’s World-Wide Group. Under their new names of SAN SALVADOR and SAN ROCCO they had rather different careers with Tuillier. Whereas SAN SALVADOR traded successfully until scrapped at the end of 1982, SAN ROCCO had suffered stranding damage in October 1975 and was quickly sold to Faslane breakers.


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