October’s unknown ship brought many replies most of whom identified her as the Fernmoor.

The winner of the October competition was John Jordan of County Cork

AD Frost writes:

October’s unknown ship is the ex. Bank Line boat mv Streambank, shown as RI Management (Runciman/Moor Line) Fernmoor, built1958 by Wm. Doxford. Sold in 1972 and renamed Banglar Polyxeni. In 1973 she was renamed Intra Triumph in 1982 and was broken up at Gadani Beach 1983.


Ray Purdy writes:

I think the vessel shown in your photo is the Fernmoor. She started life as the Streambank of Andrew Weirs (Bank Line). Built by W. Doxfords at Pallion, Sunderland in 1958. Sold the Runciman’s management group (Moor Line) in 1971 and renamed Fernmoor. She was then sold on to Sanmarco Vrontados SA, Piraeus in 1973 and renamed Banglar Polyxeni. In 1976 another name change to Polxeni. In 1982 she was sold to Intra Triumph Sg Co. Ltd., Valletta and renamed Intra Triumph. In 1983 she was broken up at Gadani Beach.


Robert Logan writes:

I think this is the Fernmoor, operated by Walter Runciman’s Anchor Line, ex Streambank of Bank Line. Note the Anchor Line and Runciman Flag on the mast. I assume you have deleted the R on the funnel ! I sailed on this vessel and it was noticeable that she had been on the Phosphate Trade as the bilges showed definite corrosion from early cargoes!


Peter Sommerville writes:

I think this months ship is the Fernmoor in the colours of Watler Runciman Shipping Ltd (minus the “R” on her funnel). She was completed in November 1958 as the Streambank by W Doxford & Sons of Sunderland for Andrew Weir Shipping (Bank Line). She became the Fernmoor in 1971 and sold again in 1973 becoming the Banglar Polyxeni carrying Bangladesh Shipping colours but under Greek ownership, with her name being shortened to Polyxeni in 1977. A further sale in 1982 saw her trading as the Maltese flagged Intra Triumph before being scrapped at Gadani Beach in 1983. She was part of a large class of Doxford built ships for AWS but had one identical sister the Birchbank. These two were unique in having mechanically operated hatch covers which made them easy to recognise with their raised extended winch platforms.


Ken Dagnall writes:

The unknown ship in the October 2017 edition is Chrysovalandou, built in 1958 by Wm. Doxford & Sons, Sunderland as Birchbank for The Bank Line, sold in 1970 to Holy Peacefulness Shipping Co S.A. Greece (N.J.Pateras) and renamed. 1971 November struck mine and sank in Pussar River, East Pakistan on voyage Europe to East Pakistan. She had a sistership Streambank built at same shipyard.


Bob Blowers writes:

October’s Unknown Ship, although shown as the mv Fernmoor, was built by William Doxford of Sunderland as Streambank of 8,520 gross tons for the Bank Line in 1958 and continued in their service until 1971and what turned out to be the major part of her working life. Streambank and her immediate predecessor Birchbank are easy to identify as they were the only two ships in a large building program of the time to be equipped with mechanically operated roller steel hatch covers with their related raised and extended winch platforms and this arrangement may have somewhat restricted their use as following ships reverted to the more flexible arrangement of wooden covers. For instance the Bank Line had regular services from the South Sea Islands and also New Guinea back to the UK with bagged copra (dried coconut) which was normally loaded onto the wooden hatch covers and the bags cut open and ‘bled’ down into the holds in bulk through suitable gaps left between the boards.

Unusually Streambank had the distinction of being sold on to British owners, in this case RI Management Ltd and RI Shipping Ltd. and so she joined Walter Runciman’s fleet in 1971 where she traded, as pictured, as Fernmoor. Only two years later, In 1973, she was sold on to Sanmarco Vrontados S.A. of Greece and renamed Banglar Polyxeni, carrying the livery of the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation although under Greek ownership. In 1997 the name was foreshortened to Polyexeni. In 1982 she was sold to Intra Triumph Shipping Co. Ltd of Malta and renamed Intra Triumph. Early in 1983 she was sold to Gilami Timber Mart and finally in April 1983 she arrived at Gadani Beach to be broken up.


Alan Blackwood writes:

This month’s ship is the single screw shelterdecker 6,326 grt (open)/ 8,348 grt (closed) MV Fernmoor acquired by Walter Runciman’s R.I. Shipping Ltd. and managed by the Glasgow based R.I. Management Ltd.

The vessel was constructed by William Doxford & Sons (Shipbuilders) Ltd. at their Pallion Yard, Sunderland, launched on 30th June 1958 when named Streambank, completed during November of that year to the order of Andrew Weir’s Bank Line Ltd. and registered at Glasgow.

With overall dimensions of 487’7″ x 62’3″ x 38’6″(moulded depth) her maximum drafts open/ closed were 26’2″/ 28’10.75″.

Propulsion machinery consisted of one 4 cylinder 4,800 bhp 2 stroke single acting Doxford type oil engine constructed by Wm. Doxford & Sons (Engineers) Ltd., Sunderland returning a speed of 14.5 knots.

The vessel was sold out of the fleet for further worldwide trading to the Runciman organisation during 1971 when renamed Fernmoor and during her ensuing service for these owners, undertook a range of voyage charters including several for sister company the Anchor Line. Two years later she was sold to the Piraeus based Sanmarco Vrontados S.A., when renamed Banglar Polyxeni for operations under the Greek flag. During 1976 she was further renamed Polyxeni without change of registered ownership or PoR.

In 1982 she was sold to the Intra Triumph Shipping Company Ltd. of Valetta, when renamed Intra Triumph, for continued trading under the Maltese flag. The following year she was sold to the Gilani Timber Mart. of Pakistan for breaking, arriving at Gadani Beach on 27th April 1983.


Mike Goadby writes:

This month’s unknown ship is the 8,520grt M/V Fernmoor, built in 1958 as Streambank for Bank Line (Andrew Weir) by William Doxford and Sons Ltd. at Sunderland. Fitted with a six cylinder opposed piston engine which gave her a speed of 14.5 knots. Fernmoor was purchased from Bank Line in 1971 by Runciman of Newcastle. She was sold to Greek owners in 1973and renamed Banglar Polyxeni, the prefix was dropped four years later for her to become Polyexni. She was named Indra Triumph in 1982 under the Maltese flag and in 1983 she arrived at Gadani Beach for demolition.


Fraser Wright wries:

The unknown ship in the October edition I think is the ex-Bank Line Steambank, built for them by Doxford of Sunderland in 19958. She was sold to Walter Runciman in 1971 and renamed Fernmoor. She was sold to Greek owners in 1973 being renamed Banglar Polyxeni and Polyxeni in 1977. In 1982 she was sold to Intra Triumph Co. Ltd. of malta being renamed Intra Triumph. On 27th April 1983 she arrived at Gadani Beach to be broken up. My reason for saying Streambank is that she has raised winches for opening and closing the McGregor hatch covers.


John Jordan writes:

I believe this ship was built by the Doxford yard at Sunderland in 1958, for Bank Line, under the Name of MV Streambank. She was sold in 1971 to Walter Runciman and renamed MV Fernmoor which is the ship as depicted. In 1973 she was sold to Greek interests with the name Banglar Polyxeni, and in 1977 renamed Polyxeni. In 1982 she was sold to Maltese interests and renamed Intra Triumph. In 1983 she was taken to Gadani Beach for breaking up.



Peter Harris writes:

The latest one is, I think, one of a series of vessels built by Doxfords for Bank Line between 1957 and 1962. Most went on to Greek owners so who she is has to be a complete guess – Northbank as Aegis Lion.


Gerald Dodd wries:

I believe that October’s unknown ship is the Fernmoor, owned by Runcimen SS Co., built in 1958 in Sunderland’s Pallion yard of Doxford Shipbuilders as the Streambank for the Bank Line, 8,520 grt. She was sold by the Bank Line to Walter Runcimens in 1971. She was sold again to a Greek owner in 1973 and was chartered to Banglardesh as the Banglar Polyxeni, until becoming the Polyxeni in 1977. She was sold again in 1982 and renamed Intra Triumph. The”Intra Triumph was broken up at Gadani Beach on 27th April 1983. The ship is photographed entering Cardiff on the 12th October 1972 to discharge a cargo while on an Anchor Line service. You can identify it as Cardiff because of the flats on the Billybanks, on Penarth Head, seen in the background.


John Chitty writes:

Although initially thrown by the picture funnel markings, i believe this month’s mystery ship to be the Bank Line built mv Streambank in her later guise as the Runciman Line vessel Fernmoor.

Built by Wm. Doxford’s Pallion yard as yard No. 828 in 1958 for Bank Line. Dimensions loa 487.8ft, beam 62.3 ft, depth 28.9 ft, 8,348 grt, 4927 nrt, 10,218 dwt. Engine 4 cyl single acting Doxford giving speed of 14.5 knots.

1971 Sold to Runciman r/n Fernmoor

1973 Sold Sanmarco Vrontados S.A.of Piraeus r/n Banglar Polyxeni.

1976 saw a change of name again to Polyxeni same owners.

1982 Sold to Intra Triumph Shipping of Valetta r/n Intra Triumph.

1983 Arrived at Gadani Beach for scrapping by Gilani Timber Mart.


Ray Purdy writes:

I think October’ s unknown ship is the Intra Triumph, Intra Triumph Shipping Ltd., Valletta. She started out in 1958 as the Streambank, built at Doxford’s Pallion, Sunderland Yard, for Andrew Weir Shipping (Bank Line).

Sold in 1971 to Runcimans (Moor Line) and renamed Fernmoor. In 1973 sold to Sanmarco Vrontados of Piraeus and renamed Banglar Polyxeni. In 1977 again renamed Polyxeni. In 1982 she was sold to Intra Triumph Shipping and named Intra Triumph. She was broken up at Gadani Beach in 1983. Grt 8,525, length 487 ft, breadth 62 ft, speed 13.5 knots.



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