No. 294 August 2014

August 2014

Front cover

Union Castle's RMS Windsor Castle at Southampton. She was the last passenger ship built for the company.

Photo by Don Smith/


Japanese Shipping Giants – Mitsui – OSK and Sanko Line
The Seabridge Consortium – Bulk carriage services
An Amazon Gunboat  – The America
A Ben Line Story – The end of the steam ships
A Trip on the Hawkinge
British Rail Cargo Ships – Conventional and cattle services
Memorable Ships – Windsor Castle
Through the Eyes of the Artist – The Japanese
Port of Call – Shoreham
Forgotten Fleets – London & Channel Islands Shipping and Queenship Navigation
Newbuild of the Month – The Shannon Class Lifeboats
Photo Gallery – Zeebrugge and Portishead
News Report – The latest news from around the world
Cruise News – Two HAL ships for Australia, Breakaway breakdown, etc.
Cruise Ships Ports of Call – Cruise ship calls around the UK
Ferry News – Fjord Line ferry rebor, Sewol aftermath
Readers’ Corner – Identify the Unknown Ship
Editor’s Mailbox – Readers’ letters
Book Reviews – White Star Line, Tugs in Colour, Turbine Excursion Steamers, RMS Empress of Ireland