No. 275 January 2013

January 2013

Front cover

The 6,767gt St Helena, one of the last two Royal Mail ships, seen here anchored off the remote island she serves.

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Swires of Hong Kong – The China Navigation Co Ltd
Friday the 13th – A voyage on Golden Harvest
Bank Line – Andrew Weir & Co
Lost but not forgotten – The Ispolen
Through the Eyes of the Artist – Roger Chapelet
Victims of Atlantis – The German Raider continues to sink Allied ships
Memorable Ships – Kooringa
Newbuild of the Month – MT Ocean Wave
Port of Call – Milford Haven
Forgotten Fleets – Headlam & Son
Photo Gallery – Gulf of Aden and West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co Ltd
News Report – The latest news from around the world
Cruise News – Voyager nears completion, Carnival newbuilds, etc.
Cruise Ships Ports of Call – Cruise ship calls around the UK
Ferry News – Farewell to Dover’s Prides, Three storm incidents, etc.
Readers’ Corner – Identify the Unknown Ship
Editor’s Mailbox – Readers’ letters
Book Reviews – The Hovercraft Story, Great American Passenger Ships, Merchant Shipping – 50 years in photos, Titanic