No. 337 March 2018

March 2018

Front cover

The 14,834gt ferry Clodia of Tirrenia arriving at Civitavecchia in May 2008. She was broken up at Alang in April 2013.

Photo by Nigel Lawrence


Memorable Ships – Andrea Doria And Cristoforo Colombo
Adriatica And Tirrenia – The Italian Ferry Companies
British Merchant Ships Lost – March 1918
Interview – Guido Grimaldi
Through The Eyes Of The Artist – Railway Steamers (Part One)
Port Of Call – Livorno And Piombino
Forgotten Fleets – Flotta Lauro
News Report – The Latest News From Around The World
Cruise News – Seaside Ceremony, AIDAnova progress
Cruise Ships Ports Of Call – Cruise Ship Calls Due Around The UK March 2018
Ferry News – Scotland-Scandinavia Proposal, Pride Of Kent Aground
Newbuild Of The Month – Maersk Installer
Photo Of The Month – Seaham Harbour
Readers’ Corner – Unknown Ship
Book Reviews – Golden Stripes, Swansea Docks In The 190s, Narrow Boats, Titanic – A Journey Through time