No. 279 May 2013

May 2013

Front cover

The 98,747gt container ship Henry Hudson Bridge of 'K' Line. She was built in 2008 by IHI Marine United at Kure and can carry 9,040 TEU.

Photo by Fotoflite


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Jamaica Banana Producer – 80 years of Jamaican banana boats
Supercargo – 3 Greek and 1 British ship
An OOW on Union Castle Line – The Pretoria Castle
A Long Voyage – The Lynton of Chapman & Willan Ltd
The ‘K’ Line – The Japanese Giant
Through the Eyes of the Artist – Odin Rosenvenge
Memorable Ships – Leda of Bergen Line
Newbuild of the Month – MV Viking Grace
Port of Call – Klaipeda
Forgotten Fleets – Guinea Gulf Line
Photo Gallery – Rhodes and J&C Harrison
News Report – The latest news from around the world
Cruise News – More Carnival woes, Windstar gain three, Saga Ruby, etc.
Cruise Ships Ports of Call – Cruise ship calls around the UK
Ferry News – Finnarrow accident, CalMac Newbuild, Stena go to Asia
Readers’ Corner – Identify the Unknown Ship
Editor’s Mailbox – Readers’ letters
Book Reviews – Cochrane Shipbuilders, Great British Shipwrecks, Cruise Ships of the Solent, Offshore Ferry Services